Share Taxi in Arugam Bay

Don’t you agree with the fact that the journey should be as equally memorable as the final destination? Well Arugamtaxi believes it too! There’s nothing better than a carpool to get to you next sightseeing spot in the tiny but vast Sri Lanka. Whether they are strangers, or someone you know, sharing a ride to the same place manages to bring about a friendship that is quite different from the bond we have usually. Even if it’s the futuristic Jaffna with its red-sand and intricate kovils or the outer reaches of Kandy, you can get the best out of your trip by sharing it with someone, and also the unspoken but obvious bonus of saving cash! You have a few options if this idea tickles your liking. All you have to do is, communicate with us through our contact page by using the form. Mention your date, preferred time of travel and of course your destination. That’s all you have to do to share a taxi. It’s just that easy! Travelling in Sri Lanka has become an enjoyable ride with Arugamtaxi.

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