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Arugamtaxi is your travel guardian when visiting Arugam Bay. We take utter pride in seeing to all your travel requirements Warm greetings at Airport pickups, Cheery chitchat at safari tours, we’ve got it all covered. We are closely associated with travel providers who are well acclaimed at what they do. Our dedicated staff and high quality service will heighten your joy. As they say, it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey to the destination. Why not make your journey a memorable and safe on with Arugamtaxi?

Arugam Bay

Take a relaxing breath as you enter the beachy panoramas of Arugam bay. Swaying palm trees, lulling waves, nostalgic aromas and luxurious accommodation are the prime features of this wonderful town. Arugam bay, the story book town filled with a wonderful contrast of sights- from pristine, surf-friendly beaches to environment friendly national parks and ancient ruins. This remote Sri Lankan getaway is a nirvana for surfers, boasting around ten awesome surf spots with waves that are suitable for adventurous beginners or thrilling advanced surfers. These wonderful waves have garnered Arugam bay a place in the list of “top ten surf spots in the world”. The panoramic views of the sun dipping below the horizon s sure to pull at your heart strings! Although surfing, sunbathing and all things beachy is what Arugam bay is mostly known for, it is also packed with wonderful sanctuaries that will bring you even more close to nature Tourists can admire the diverse animal kingdom of Sri Lanka and the bustling and colorful bird life by visiting Yala and Kumana national parks. Better yet, Arugam bay also has something for spiritual travelers, the okandamali temple is spiced with the right blend of nature and religion, and it is a must-see. No matter how much a place has to offer with regards to sites, it is always the people who capture the heart and make a lasting memory. We can assure you your trip to Arugam bay will be one you will reminisce throughout your life. Welcoming locals and friendly foreigners from around the world will entertain and raise your vacation up a notch or two. Even foodies get to relish their palette with a scrumptious array of locally caught seafood platters. You are just a plane ride away from an embellished and unique platter of adventure, vistas, gastronomy and hearty welcomes. What are you waiting for?

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