Arugam Bay

arugam bay main point surfingHome to one of the best surf spots in Sri Lanka, the fantastic Arugam bay is like a town out of a sea-loving fairytale. Soft sands that also come in contact with waves that pack a surfing punch is heaven for surfing enthusiasts from around the world. The weather in Arugam bay is so wonderful; you would just want to relax in your hammock, swaying to the relaxing breeze of the Indian Ocean while sipping on a king coconut.
This wonderful town is packed with lovely sights. A treasure chest for photographers, the palm thatched cabana roofs, picturesque beach views, lush lagoons and wondrous wildlife are perfect captures to fill your Sri Lankan travel diary. Your stay at Arugam bay will be packed with excursions, each of which will give you a different glimpse of the Sri Lankan beauty and grace.
Visiting Okanda Mali will make you light-hearted with the wonderful intertwining of nature and religion. The Pottuvil Point Tour will awaken the dormant surfer in you, the waves are that spectacular. The Pottuvil lagoon tour, will relax your sense with the calming tunes of flowing water, elephant trumpets and bird chirps. The Yala safari will take you to the kingdom of the prince of dusk, the Sri Lankan leopard. Finally, the Kumana National Park will let you embrace the bird paradise of Sri Lanka and admire its inhabitants.
Your visit to Arugam bay will be something you will remember every time you wish to relax and enjoy the calming embrace of Mother Nature. Nature is the soul of Arugam Bay, and the locals cherish it with all their heart! Hop aboard the magical carpet of Arugamtaxi to visit the wonderland that will blow your mind.


A wonderful bay located in the dry southeast coast of Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It is situated 320 km east from the commercial capital, Colombo in the Ampara district.


Arugam Bay is a renowned spot for surfing, whether you are a local or a tourist. There are so many surfing schools to teach enthusiastic learners the art of surfing in Arugam bay. There are around ten amazing surfing points in Arugam Bay with wonderful swells. In 2010 ASP hosted an international surf contest in Arugam Bay.


What can be more relaxing than the movement of unspoiled sand in between your toes, the spray of salty water on your face, the eclectic blend of shore waves and rustling trees? Heaven is nowhere but in the beach of Arugam Bay.


Ancient ruins, breathtaking wildlife reserves, spiritualistic shires, preserved lagoons and a list more of wonderful attractions in Arugam Bay are waiting for you. You just have to see it to believe it!


Arugam Bay has something for everyone, be it nature-lovers or hard-core foodies. Visiting Arugam bay is the best way to indulge your five senses in a wonderful package of hospitality, sights, enjoyment and adventure. Lagoon tours, wildlife admiration, bird watching, tasting local food and so many other captivating activities to enjoy and cherish.


Due to its location in the southeast zone of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay does not experience much rainfall. The months from April to August are the best times to catch wonderful swells. The best times to visit Arugam Bay for surfing is between May and November due to offshore winds during the first half of the day. The climate in Arugam Bay is mostly tropical and warm, with summer starting as early as April.