surfing in arugam bay

Concealed somewhere between the lush, rolling tea estates and crystal clear waterfalls in Sri Lanka are solid waves that can put a smile on every surfer’s face. Yes, Arugam Bay is every surfer’s dream come true with a myriad of surfing spots to fit surfers of all levels. It has been a tradition for surfers to keep scouring for the best spots. But the search stops at Arugam Bay! New learners or novices can benefit from abundant surfing schools and soft sand beach breaks. Intermediates and experts can enjoy some heady thrills and lots of excitement. The miles of powder-white beaches, friendly locals and the bustling town will make your experience a whole lot better. In Arugam Bay surfing is exciting every time – ‘The Point’ a close proximity setting with perfect 400 meter ride through the waves. ‘The Pottuvil Point’ with dream swells of 4 to 5 feet and ‘The Crocodile Rock’ with ideal waves for the new surfers. With many more options to choose from, surfing in Arugam Bay is thrilling as much as it is addicting. So, why not ride the wave of the future’s most favorite surfing location in the world.