Travel & Transport


Please make sure that your passport is having an expiry date a minimum of six months away from the date of travel to Sri Lanka. We are sure you wouldn’t want to be refused boarding your airline because of your passport’s expiry date being just around the corner.


You have finally landed in the land of swaying coconut trees and mesmerizing tea estates. Your flight will land at the Katunayaka International Airport (also known as Bandaranayke International Airport) which is located 35 kilometers north of Colombo. The airport has been modified with exceptional service and to the highest standards to welcome all our foreign travelers. Arugamtaxi warmly welcomes you to Sri Lanka!


Tourist visiting Sri Lanka, except for those from Singapore need to acquire an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization from the Department of Immigration and Emigration, prior to arrival. This can be done by heading over to the official DIE website and filling in the online application form. Adults and children over 12 years of age need to pay $20 per head, so make sure to have your debit or credit card with you while you are filling in the form.
Once you are done with the process, you are blessed with 30 magnificent days from the date of arrival to the pearl of the Indian Ocean. However, if you wish to extend your stay in our tropical paradise, the ETA can be extended for up to six months.


Depending on the duration of your vacation in Sri Lanka, you might wish to visit Arugam bay first or take in the atmosphere of Colombo. We guarantee you that the views that you will enjoy to and from Arugam Bay will blow your mind away. Arugam Bay is nearly 350km away from Colombo and takes roughly 6 to 8 hours depending on the traffic.


The easiest way to travel to Arugam Bay is by a van or car. Depending on the traffic rate and time of travel, the duration can vary anywhere up to 8 hours. We can make arrangements for the following:
1. 6-seater van from Colombo city
2. 6-seater airport shuttle from Colombo(van)
3. 15-seater airport shuttle from Colombo (van
4. Pick-up and drop-off to other destinations are also available upon request.


If you are travelling with a small crowd (4 or less), then we can arrange a taxi for you. Taxi booking options are as follows:
1. Private Taxi: Only taking you from the airport or Colombo city to Arugam Bay and vice versa.
2. Shared Taxi: Sharing the taxi with another tourist group from the airport or Colombo city to Arugam Bay and vice versa.


Arugam Bay is bordered with wonderful nature reserves and wildlife parks. If you are in a mood for a safari to Yale, Kumana or Lahugala we will arrange the suitable vehicle for your travel. Depending on the number of passengers, you will be assigned with a car or van. But, if you are visiting Yala, it will be a safari jeep. Leave the arrangements to us, you just have to admire the animal Kingdom of Sri Lanka.